Capileira to Refugio Poquiera

From Capileira (1436m) to the refugio del Poqueira (2500m)

This is where you leave your car and start to walk
This is where you leave your car and start to walk

( a ) Take sendero 3 (path 3) del Poqueira to the Acequias Baja and Alta. Follow the Acequia Alta until below the Pena de Juan Alonso. Walk up the right side of the last gully to the Refugio. (Time 3 hrs)
( b ) Take any of the senderos del Poqueira to La Cebadilla. Go over the Puente Naute across the river and pick up the path which leads past the Cortijo Blanco to the Hoya del Capitan. Go up the right side of the Barranco across the Acequia Baja and then the Alta. Leave the path and walk up the right side of the gully to the Refugio (Time: 3 hrs).
( c ) Drive out of Capileira along the asphalt track (which becomes a dirt track) to the Hoya del Portillo, where non-authorised vehicles have to stop. Walk down the track, passing on the left hand side the track towards the Rio Bermejo. Keep going to the next bend, by a firebreak. Take the path next to the Acequia Alta, which leads to another track on the Hoya del Leon. There is a very well marked path between the Acequia Alta and Baja which you take to the sendero 3 del Poqueira. Follow this to reach the refugio. (Time: 2 ¾ hrs from the Hoya del Portillo).