Frequently Asked Questions about Cortijos Rey Fini and Las Alpujarras in Sierra Nevada, Spain


All emergency such as wild fires, ambulances call 112


1- What is so special about this part of Spain?

This part of Spain remains unspoilt, with mountain villages retaining their traditional way of life but at the same time welcoming visitors to the area.  The landscape is incredibly beautiful and offers perfect walking and hiking opportunities.  The Alpujarras is a place to relax and unwind, to find yourself again and take a break from the stress of everyday living.

2- What is the weather like?

Because you are facing South from beneath the Sierra Nevada, our Cortijos enjoy a Mediterranean climate and it is as sunny as anywhere in southern Spain. It is generally warm and dry but cool due to the altitude at nights.

It depends what you are after really, each season has something different to offer.

April / May/June – Spring time in the Alpujarra is very beautiful with wild flowers in bloom everywhere.  It is a good time for hiking as although often sunny, the temperatures are good for walking.

July/August – High season and hot, although due to the altitude, life is never too hot at the cortijos.  This is a busy time of year with foreign tourists as well as many Spanish tourists visiting the region.  You will find the beaches busy at this time of year.  This is a good time of year for produce – lots of fresh fruit and veg.

September/October – A lovely and gorgeous time to visit, when most tourists have gone home so everything is more relaxed – it’s still warm and good for hiking and the beaches are deserted – bliss! Great time to visit the Alhambra

November to March

As a rule we close down for the winter, but the ski resort and the villages around us are all open and lower levels such as Orgiva are much warmer.

3- Do you only rent from Saturday to Saturday?

This is how we like to operate but if this doesn’t suit you then please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help

4- How do I get the key for the house?

We will let you know after you have confirmed reservation

5- Are sheets and towels provided?

Yes, towels and sheets are provided at no extra cost.

6-Is there a cot and/or high chair available?

Yes, we have both available but you need to let us know that you want them in advance. There is no extra charge.

7- How far is the nearest shop/bar?

We are approximately equidistant between 2 mountain villages – Trevelez and Busquistar, both of which have shops, supermarkets and bars – about 4 km either way.  Of all the local small supermarkets the best stocked is the one in Pitres.

8- Are there interesting walks from the Cortijo without driving anywhere?

Yes, there are lots of lovely walks you can take from the cortijo. For further information take a look at the Walking in the Sierra Nevada section and if needed print those you are interested in before you leave for your stay at Cortijos Rey Fini.

9- What about other hikes in the area?

Again see Walking in Sierra Nevada section on our website. We recommend that you print what you need before you leave home.

10- Is there pony trekking available?

Yes, there are various companies – see our links to horse riding places

11- How private is each Coritjo when all 3 are rented out?

The 3 cortijos are arranged in such a way that you can remain quite private if you wish or be quite sociable!  Each cortijo has its own space outside for relaxing and we find that guests who want to socialise often do so at the pool, but again, there is always time to visit the pool when no-one else is there if you so wish

12- Will we have our own washing machine?

Each Cortijo has its own washing machine

13- Is there wifi at the cortijos?

Since roaming is free across Europe please use your own as our wifi is extremely limited and slow.


No problem, there is ample space available for parking. But as a rule and out of respect we try not to park on the era itself.

15- How well equipped is the kitchen?

Each kitchen in the cortijos has a good range of cooking utensils, plates, cutlery etc.  Sometimes guests do eat together and so plates etc can get mixed up and sometimes end up all in one cortijo – we do check this but please, if you find you are short of anything in your kitchen, talk to other guests.

There are also basic supplies such as salt, sugar, pasta etc but exactly what will depend on the previous guests!  Feel free to use what is there but please also leave any excess food when you leave for future guests.

16- Is all gas, electricity and hot water included in the rental price?

Yes, it is all included.  Hot water in Pablito and Walnut is heated by a gas heater – instructions in the houses and in Almond there are solar panels (plus gas heater for backup).

17- Where do I go if I need to see a doctor?

There are doctors who attend each day for a few hours and cover all villages. There are 24 hour clinics both in Pitres and Trevelez if you need to go to.

If you need ambulances in emergencies then call 112 as for fire.

18- How far is the nearest beach?

To drive to the coast takes approximately one hour to hour and half depending which beach you want to go to.

You then have a choice of lots of different beaches so you can drive further if you want to – please see the beaches section on this website or click here (link this to the beaches in the website)

19- How safe is the area?

We never had any problems in the area especially in Cortijos, but if you wish then take your keys with you when you are leaving your cortijo.

20- What happens if I lose my keys or leave them inside?

 If any of the windows left open then climb and open the door this way, otherwise contact us.


21- Whom to contact for general problems?

Depends if you speak Spanish or not and how serious your problem is!

For small issues like running out of gas, water pressure, etc you can call our gardener Antonio  : +34634301180

or send us a text message to Lucy on : +44(0)7912204514  Mo : +44(0)7885410998   Mo (Spain): +34664689435

or email us on mofini@btinternet.com

22- What happens if there is a forest fire?

Then call: The Andalucía Emergency Service number 112


23- Where do I get wood and charcoal from?

Charcoal and lighters are available in bags from most mini supermarkets.

Wood is a bit more complicated. We do not mind offering you some wood, but the best way for you is to get a saw and go round the farm and find dried logs and cut them.  Most of the wood in Alpujarras comes from Cordoba, some 300 kms away and it costs around €70.00 a wheel barrow so please be mean or buy your own wood. If you tell us in advance we can supply you and charge you accordingly.

Please only make your BBQ inside the places provided and never clean hot ashes into the forest. If you have to clean it, then use a bucket with half cold water and put the ash into the bucket.


24- How do you light the fire place inside?

a- If there are a lot of ashes, then pull out the tray below the fire place and spread the ashes around the grass or fruit trees ( never throw any ashes anywhere which is dry outside please!!)

However having a bit of ash in the fire place is not a bad thing as it gives the fire bedding and maintains the heat better.

b- With the help of some paper, a pine cone or use a fire lighter, place some small sticks on the top of it and then a few medium size sticks creating a pyramid shape wood pile. Light the fire and immediately close the fire place doors. At the same time slightly open the metal window below the fire place controlling the amount of the air.

You will see within minutes you have a good fire.

c- Now open the doors and adjust the metal window below to get a perfect burning flame. Place larger logs on the top.

25- What do I do if I break something?

We try to operate differently from most other people who rent their places. We love to be free and hate stock taking each time somebody moves in and check everything all over again. Living with trust is the nicest way. If you break something just leave us a note and some money. For your reference most of our wine glasses are handmade in Mexico and if you break any then the charge is €7.00 per glass, plates and dishes if handmade are €10.00. If they are mass produced then we leave it to your discretion.

26- How far is Alhambra and Granada and Granada Airport?

To be on the safe side give yourself one and half hours to Alhambra and Granada

27- If I am coming from Malaga which exit I take to your Cortijos?

Drive from Malaga airport, take the exit Number 175 Sign posted Orgiva and Alpujarras.

28-What is the night life in the area?

Generally speaking our places are a retreat and free from noise, cars and city life and noise. During the summer there are plenty of small concerts and fiestas in all villages around. However most of the fiestas in Alpujarras are disappointing, normally with bad and loud music and plenty of beer. So our advice is that if you are after night life then Alpujarras is not for you!

29- Can we bring children?

We love and welcome all children (well behaved ones may get a lesson on how to make their own pizza!)

30- Can we use the pool?

Yes of course the pool is shared among the three cottages. However you must respect others especially in July and August when all three Cottages are rented out. If you have small children who like to play in the pool, then simply inform others that you are going to occupy the pool and will be out by a specific time. It can be very annoying when you have several children screaming and jumping in the pool and all you want is a simple quick swim!

31-What kind of heating is there?

All Cortijos have fire places.  In Pabito and Walnut you must keep the doors of the stoves closed while burning while Almond can be left open and also used for BBQ.

32- Are any local banks nearby?

Yes most villages including Trevelez, Portugos, Pitres  have banks. However there is no bank in Busquistar.

33- What about dogs?

As a rule we prefer not to have dogs around, especially inside any of the Cortijos.

34- What about drinking water?

Our normal taps carry water from 4 kms up the Sierra Nevada and it may not be safe to drink unless you boil it first.  We do have our own spring but this has recently dried out.  You will find empty plastic bottles in each cortijo which can be filled in the local villages usually in the main square where there are fountains.   Alternatively you can buy drinking water cheaply in the local supermarkets.

35- Who are our hosts?

Cortijos Rey Fini (previously known as Cortijos del Rey) was bought by Mo Fini and Lucy Davies in 2002.