Swimming Pool

Please remember that the swimming pool is to be shared by all the guests.

If you have children please remember that floats and plastic toys may not be ideal for other guests and if you use any of these items please remove them from the water when you get out of the pool.  Also please be aware that people without children may have different ideas of holidays and at times may wish to come for a quiet swim without children shouting and jumping in and out of the pool.

Please make sure if anything (plastic toys, floats, armbands, hair ties etc) is dropped in the pool that it is also removed.  Large objects have caused many problems with our drainage and small objects also cause problems for the water purifier.

As a matter of courtesy please cover the pool if you are the last person using it.  To do this there is a large blue rope hanging on the pomegranate tree at the far end of the pool.   Use this and tie it to the ring in the middle of the cover then walk to the other end of the pool letting the string go as you walk.  Stand in the centre and pull the string gently towards you until the sheet comes and covers the pool.   When it is fully covered undo the string and roll it and hang it back on the tree as you will not need it in the morning for uncovering the pool.

To uncover just use the wheel on either side to roll it up.

There is a net by the pool for cleaning the pool of insects – this is normally kept in the shade under the pine tree as the sun burns it quickly.

As a final point of courtesy if you use different sun beds or tables please do not scatter your possessions over various places as other guests may think they are fully occupied.

Please remember that the hammocks are not for playing in but for relaxing in – the hammock could tear or the rope break if children play in them and could do considerable amount of damage to you or your children.