Playa De Joya and Playa del Pino

Often it is nice to discover somewhere new and the Tropical coast is full of surprises. Nice small beaches known as Calas (coves) appear around every corner.

A good way to see some of these beaches is to get off the motorway at Nerja if you are coming from Malaga, or at La Herradura if you are coming from the Cortijos. As you drive along you will see many small beaches down below. Often you have to leave your car on the top and walk down. Some of them have roads to the beach.

Cala del Pino

Calo de pino
Calo de pino

You will see more of these beaches after Canuelo beach if you are coming from Cortijos Rey Fini. The first one is Cala del Pino and then many others to follow.

Playa Joya:

The nudist beach near Torre Nueva This secluded, little-known nudist beach, not far from Torre Nueva is usually very quiet due to tricky access down a 500-metre stairway.