Capilerilla to Capeleira

Capilerilla to top of Capileira , Bubion and Pampaneira: ( allow two hours )

These 2 names are often confused.  Capilerilla is the small village after Busquistar and just before Pitres.  This is a gentle walk and is good for families with small children but you should take water with you.


Drive to the village of Capilerilla and park your car wherever you can in the village.  There is a path that takes you all the way to high above the three villages of Capileira, Bubion and Pampaneira. The path is sign posted. It goes through the forest and has some incredible views of Capileira.  If you can’t find it at the start ask people in the village for directions.


When you see the villages below you  have two options, either return to your base where you left your car or continue down to Capileira, Bubion and Pampaneira. If you choose to continue then you may consider getting a taxi to get back or part of your team who do not want to walk could pick you up in Capileira (good point for pick up is outside the tourist office in Capileira).